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Continental Wines offers a carefully selected portfolio of high quality wines from France.  We focus on authentic artisanal wines of genuine character. Some of the producers are world-famous names, others are rising stars and some are as of yet undiscovered gems.

We are a small import and distribution company based in Seattle, Washington, committed to seeking out the smaller, artisan winemakers from France whose emphasis is clearly on quality not volume. Each wine represented on this site is passionately focused upon representing their own region's unique terroir, varietals and winemaking traditions.

All the winemakers, whether completely organic or practicing what has become to be known as lutte raisonnee,  "the reasoned struggle," eschews the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  All are passionate in their commitment to intelligent stewardship of their land.  Not only have they found this to be the most sensible and sustainable way to farm, but moreover, in pursuit of wines with true character and soul, they have found that vineyard ecosystems not destroyed by the sustained use of chemical treatments, give their wines the greatest expression of terroir and the land from which they come.  

The wines you will find on our site and those that compose the expanding Continental Wines portfolio are all examples of restraint and a more delicate hand in their winemaking practices.  Mother Nature of course gives what it gives and the winemaker in response, must make a wine that circumstances have delivered.  Vintages will vary accordingly.  Even though it has become fashionable to boast that great wines are made in the vineyard through the meticulous and dedicated work tending each and every vine throughout the year, it should not obscure the fact, that fantastic and pristine fruit with the help of Mother Nature, is made in the vineyard.  Great wine is still coaxed into becoming such while in the cellar at the hands of a skilled and attentive winemaker through the myriad of choices that are made at every step in the winemaking process.

Great wine, like any great expression of art, exists at the place of delicate tension, balancing counterpoising colors, images, textures and flavors.  The wines on our site will inspire and excite the senses, not dull them.  Artists who inherently understand this intriguing and delicate balance, ultimately craft wines, not of brute strength, but of exquisite balance and grand finesse.